SUSE at a glance

SUSE is a global leader in innovative, reliable and enterprise-grade open source solutions. We specialize in Enterprise Linux Operating Systems, Container Management and Storage, as well as Edge solutions, collaborating with partners and communities to empower our customers to innovate everywhere – from the data center, to the cloud, to the edge and beyond. We are trusted by a blue-chip client base to manage mission-critical workloads, counting more than 60% of the Fortune 500 as customers. We exhibit an exceptional financial profile with a unique combination of fast-growing recurring revenues at scale as well as attractive profitability and cash generation.

Business model

All of SUSE’s products are developed using an open source innovation model. The open source community, consisting of millions of developers – including SUSE employees – contributes to open source projects every day, resulting in rapid innovation, software enhancements and bug fixes. SUSE leverages code and software that comes from the upstream community, which its engineers further develop and refine to make more efficient and ready for deployment to enterprise customers. This open source ethos creates a virtuous circle whereby SUSE leverages valuable contributions from the community which, in turn, allows it to build better, more stable, and more resilient products that benefit both SUSE’s customers and the open source community.

Market overview and Growth strategy

As a result of global megatrends like big data, rising cloud adoption and the growing popularity of IoT / Edge, there is an exponential growth in data creation and IT workloads. Many enterprises are therefore accelerating their digital transformation and fundamentally changing their requirements towards IT infrastructure. Coupled with the move of existing and new workloads to hybrid and multi-cloud architectures, this is driving a significantly growing adoption of open source technologies, such as Linux or Kubernetes. At the same time, the massive growth of the IoT market, which requires Edge computing, is also driving demand for Linux and containers. As a result, SUSE’s growing serviceable addressable market is expected to grow by 24% p.a. to reach approximately $19 billion by 2024.

Against this backdrop, SUSE is ideally positioned to capture its long-term growth potential, leveraging additional organic and inorganic levers to further accelerate growth. It is best positioned to outgrow its addressable markets, with outperformance that will be driven by continued growth in underserved markets, further extending the highly attractive partnerships with strategic partners such as cloud service providers, driving commercial excellence, continuing to lever top-line synergies from Rancher, and by expanding its Edge offering.

Financial Key Figures

Key metrics by Quarter
      2020 2021   
      Q1   Q2   Q3   Q4   Q1 (3mR)   Q2   Q3  
 ACV by Sol's  Core   95.1   90.3   74.9   84.7   111.3   94.6   101.5  
   Emerging   13.4   8.3   11.0   13.0   26.3   14.4   17.5  
   Total   108.5   98.6   85.9   97.7   137.6   109.0   119.0  
 Adj Revenue  Core   106.1   115.0   114.5   122.2   118.6   121.4   133.2  
   Emerging   8.8   10.5   10.8   11.2   15.5   15.4   17.8  
   Total   114.9   125.5   125.3   133.4   134.1   136.8   151.0  
 Adj EBITDA     37.6   49.8   50.4   35.8   60.7   48.2   55.2  
 Adj EBITDA Margin     33%   40%   40%   27%   45%   35%   37%  
 Adj cash EBITDA     55.9   59.2   35.4   28.8   107.1   54.4   65.0  
 % Margin     49%   47%   28%   22%   80%   40%   43%  

This table contains Alternative Performance Measures as defined in Appendix 4 of the 2021 Q2 Quarterly Statement
The presentation is based on pro forma numbers including Rancher on a coterminous basis in the prior year and in 2021 as if acquired on November 1, 2020.
The Q3/Q4 20 Adjusted AEBITDA has been revised vs. the publication of the pro-forma history.
This represents a phasing adjustment, reducing Cash AEBITDA by -$3.9M in Q3 20, and increasing Cash AEBITDA Q4 '20 by +$3.9M.

Environmental, Social and Governance

SUSE builds upon the strengths of our people, shares through corporate philanthropy, and aspires to positively impact the environment.

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